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Central Ohio Dog Rescue League

Central Ohio Dog Rescue League

Who are we?

Central Ohio Dog Rescue League was founded in 2010 after the founder purchased a puppy for her daughter that she believed was from a reputable breeder.  The puppy had a serious heart issue and wasn't expected to live longer than 6 months.  After further research, the founder learned that she actually purchased the puppy from a puppy mill.   Educating herself on puppy mills, the founder dedicated herself to saving dogs from puppy mills and spreading the word to others about where puppies at pet shops originate.  

Central Ohio Dog Rescue League strives to help as many dogs as possible.  We rescue dogs from local shelters and puppy mills.  The importance of legislation in Ohio to help our companion animals is being shared and we hope by participating and sharing information and educational sources, the general public will make a stand and eventually puppy mills will some day be a thing of the past.  Ohio has a large amount of puppy mills with the majority of them being run by Amish.

Although we are a small rescue, we continue to grow with the help of dedicated volunteers.  Without our loving, wonderful volunteers and foster homes, we would not be able to continue to help and rescue all the beautiful dogs and give them a second chance.  Our only payment comes in the form of dog kisses, tail wags, and the gratification of saving life after life.   

We do not have a shelter.  Each dog is placed in a foster home where they are loved, socialized and treated as part of the family until we find them a forever home.  Many of our rescues need special care.  We provide the love, training, and attention needed to get them ready for their forever home.
A lot goes in to saving a dog.  We never know what we may encounter with each personality or health for each dog.  We want to give them all a chance at a loving home.  Many times, our adoption fees don't even cover the cost of that dog's needed vet care and foster care. So when we have a dog that doesn't take up all the funds for his adoption fee, the balance goes to help the other needy dogs with their extended health care needs. We do not make money.   

What is our Goal?

Our goal is to adopt our rescue dogs into safe and loving homes where it will be treated as part of the family.